Places To Get A Grilled Pork Chop In Peoria: Our Top 5

March 27, 2012

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Jason Eating A Pork Chop
When the weather starts to get nicer outside and you start getting the itch for grilled food, there are many places to get a grilled pork chop in Peoria. The crew in our office love a good pork chop as much as anyone in town so we ventured out to find our Top 5 places to get a grilled pork chop in Peoria.  If you notice any missing from our list, please let us know in the comments and we’ll create a listing of YOUR top 5.


Hy-Vee Cookouts

Hy-Vee Peoria


Starting off our list of the Top 5 places to get a grilled pork chop in Peoria is a place you may not think of for grilling out. Hy-Vee Food Stores have a tradition of grilling outside in the front of the stores during the summer months and the Hy-Vee in Peoria is no exception. Brats, Hot-Dogs and yes Pork Chops are all available on those beautiful days during the summer months.

Perhaps you’re running in to grab that box of cereal your wife forgot to pick up last night or just making Hy-Vee a destination for lunch, you have to check out their outdoor grill. As far as we can tell, they don’t post the schedule for the grill on their website, so you may have to just take a chance, stop by, and hope that it’s out and ready to serve.

Heart of Illinois Fair

HOI Fair - Expo Gardens


At number 4 on ouf list of places to get a grilled pork chop in Peoria is the HOI Fair. Our favorite part about going to the Heart of Illinois Fair is the taste of the wonderful food! The Illinois Pork Producers set up a wonderful tent near the back of the fairgrounds at Expo Gardens and serve pork chop sandwiches. You may have to venture a little bit off the Midway to get to this tent, but it is worth the walk along the dirt path.

Along with locally produced Kitchen Cooked Chips (from Farmington!) the pork-chop sandwich and ice cold Pepsi are the perfect combo for a beautiful day at the fair.  The 2012 HOI Fair runs from July 13 – 21. (Despite the fact that their website looks like it was designed in 1992… it does have some valuable information on it)

Alwan & Son’s Meat Company

Alwan & Son's Meat Company

Source: Google Maps

Alwan & Son’s Meat Company earns the number three spot on our top 5 places to get a grilled pork chop in Peoria. During the spring and summer months, Alwan & Son’s Meat Company on War Memorial Drive opens up their outdoor grill from 11am – 1p Monday through Saturday.  Every day they offer delicious grilled pork chops, rib-eyes, brats and hot dogs to calm your appetite along with a different selection from their deli every day.

They offer a nice area of covered “picnic table” style seating and it never hurts to stop in to their store after you finish your lunch and grab some fresh cut meat for grilling out at home later in the week.

Willie’s Tamale Vendor Cart

Willie's Tamale Grill

Source: Jason Parkinson /

Coming in second for our top 5 places to get a grilled pork chop in Peoria, is Willie’s Tamale. If you’ve ever driven around Peoria on a summer day, you’ve probably seen the black and yellow grill cart and bright yellow umbrella that signifies Willie’s Tamale. Serving up a menu of Brats, Polish Sausage, Hot Dogs, Chicken Breasts and even Rib Eye Steaks, Willie’s does a wonderful job preparing it all.

One of our favorite parts about the pork chop at Willie’s Tamale is the delicious grilled onion that goes on top. There is just nothing quite like it. You can find Willie’s out all spring and summer in downtown Peoria with the other vendor carts near the court house and during the evening hours, they head over to the old Town & Country Bowling Alley parking lot to serve up their delicious eats.

Your Grill At Home

Jason's Grill

Source: Jason Parkinson /

The great thing about grilling a pork chop at home is that you get to make it exactly how you want! This is why your own house makes it to the number 1 spot on our list of the Top 5 places to get a grilled pork-chop in Peoria. Stop in to any meat market (like Alwan’s) and pick up a few fresh cut pork chops. Make sure to pick out your perfect dry rub or seasoning (BBQ works best in my book) and fire up your own grill.

Not only is grilling a pork chop at your own place delicious, it’s also a rewarding experience because you get to eat what you’ve prepared for yourself. Plus – of all the meals you could cook at home, creating one on the grill is so much easier to clean up.


Do you agree with our list? Tell us which places we got wrong and which places should be added to our list of the best Pork-chops in Peoria.

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